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Immunetrics is an industry-leading bio-simulation company with significant experience in building and validating biologically-accurate, predictive models. Our mechanistic mathematical models can accelerate your company’s development of drugs, clinical diagnostics and medical devices while lowering costs.

Introduction to Immunetrics

Our biggest strength is the prediction of FDA-approved endpoints through in silico clinical trial simulations of both acute and chronic inflammatory diseases. Our solutions allow our clients to bring their ideas to market more quickly with lower risk and cost.

Our steps to building a predictive model:

  1. Collect the biologically accurate data
  2. Use those data to build the mathematical model
  3. Train the model to reproduce multiple therapeutically-relevant clinical trials simultaneously
  4. Generate a virtual patient population
  5. Test novel therapies on the virtual population to predict clinical trial results
  • We currently have disease models in the acute inflammation and autoimmunity areas.

    Our Therapeutic Areas:

    Acute Inflammation ModelsAutoimmunity ModelsModel Pipeline
    Insult-induced multi-organ dysfunctionRheumatoid ArthritisAsthma
    SepsisPsoriasisUlcerative Colitis
    Burn/TraumaPsoriatic ArthritisLupus Nephritis
    Crohn's Disease
  • We strive to provide state-of-the-art solutions for the advancement of global health.
  • Our innovative technologies are the backbone of our modeling platform.
  • We believe in a novel, yet flexible approach to modeling, based on the available data.
  • We foster a collaborative environment with pharma and academia.
  • Why Choose Immunetrics?

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